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Namaste Nutrition by Ruby Red Yoga

Honouring your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit through Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance

Namaste Nutrition: Welcome

Namaste Nutrition

Namaste Nutrition is an 8-week program where you will learn to break up with Diet Culture and reconnect with your body in a way that allows you to honour your hunger, fullness, and satiety cues.  ​

Together we will go through the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating and examine your current thoughts and beliefs about your body.  With this new found awareness and information you will begin to create and foster new thought patterns and beliefs that will allow you to create a whole new way of interacting with your body and with food. 

As women we are raised to believe we must be everything to everyone, we must be the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect daughter, the perfect employee and we must do it all in the perfect body while preparing the perfect meals. The pursuit of this unachievable goal ends up tearing us down rather than building us up. 

Through the Namaste Nutrition program you will learn how to reconnect with your inner strength and wisdom to let go of this unachievable ideal and start rebuilding your relationship with yourself and your body based on trust, compassion, and understanding.

What's included:

  • Weekly private one-on-one coaching call.

  • 8 weeks of Unlimited Yoga, either virtually or in-person at Ruby Red Yoga Studio.

  • Access to me for questions between sessions via WhatsApp or Voxer.

Chronic dieting can create a disconnect with your body. It erodes the innate trust for ourselves that we are born with.  When we were hungry, we cried. When we were tired, we slept. When we had excess energy, we moved.  Yoga is a great way to develop both interoceptive (perception of sensations from inside the body) and proprioceptive (perception of where your body is in space) awareness. This aids you in reconnecting with your body on a deeper level. You begin to hear and understand your body's signals again. 

Today's society will have you believing that what, when, and how much you are eating is the key to optimal health and eternal youth but I would like to offer you an alternative. What if you could let go of all the food "rules" and simply eat in a way that makes you feel good in body, mind, and spirit? What if you stopped listening to all the outside "experts" and instead started listening to your own internal wisdom? What if you drop all the "should"s and turn them into "could"s? It is possible, you need only take the first step to following your intuition.

If this spoke to you, please click the link below to book a free no-obligation consult call. 

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